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Get the perfect propeller for your platform

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Every case is specific, however, these basic quality policy steps ensure that you get always the best

We believe every UAV deserves perfectly fitting propellers to unleash its full potential.

- Tomáลก Mejzlík, CEO

   Brno, Czech Republic

Why to choose Mejzlik propellers?

- 25 Years of experience in crafting hand-made propellers

- Own manufacturing facility in Europe

- Perfect balance and consistant quality

- 10,000+ customers from all around the world 

- Hundreds of custom propellers projects (Multicopters, fixed wings...) 

- Business customers from military, surveillance, agriculture etc.

Need few more good reasons to give us a shot?

Complete production under a single roof.

We control the production from the beginning to the end. How? Everything simply takes place in one house.

Helping to squeeze the potential out of your drone.

We are asking not only what you need but also why you need it. After hundreds of custom-made projects behind us, we know how to unleash the potential of your drone.

We understand your wishes as well as your language.

The Mejzlik production takes place in Europe. That’s not only guarantee you the highest quality but also excludes any communication noise or choppy e-mails.

I want this!

What does the process look like?

1. Getting to know your platform and needs.

2. Finding off-the-shelf solution that fits.

3. Do you need custom solution?

4. Prototyping and fine-tuning your prop.

5. Always perfect props delivering.

We care about your UAV and want to offer you the best possible setup that will perfectly suit your needs. We will offer you one of our current design or make a custom design for you.

As a first step we will always try to offer you one of our proven off-the-shelf propeller for testing and showcase of our capabilities. If we cannot find you one it is time to create a custom prop for you.  

We can create a perfect prop for you from scratch in our factory. We can do the designing according to your needs or create a prop based on your design. Click on the button to get an idea about pricing and examples. 

We will make sure that you have the right propeller for your platform. Adjusting materials, weight or design is not a problem and we will make sure to deliver the best prop possible. 

Some of our custom props highligts? 

Super-light props

One of our super-light propellers was 28x9.4 prop weighing only 58g. The ultra-light props do not only lighten the whole platform, but also lowers moment of inertia which results in faster acceleration and breaking, which saves the overall energy consumption, lowers the vibrations and increases stability.

High thrust props

If you need a prop that gets serious business done, we got you covered. One of our customers was looking for prop that can lift up about 50 kg of payload. We had to find a perfect balance between high thrust and acceptable weight while using our classic propeller profile.  

Fill in the form and we will contact you or contact us directly at: 

Phone: +420775099706

Temperature resistant props

Sometimes, we get very challenging requests from our customers. One of them needed a propeller that would deal with temperature shocks and sustain fast changes in temperature between + 100 and -30 degree celsius. 

We will always deliver perfectly balanced props and on time. We make sure that our quality is constant. All of our props are checked in multiple processess to ensure that you will always get a perfect product.  

A person stands by the quality.

One propeller – one person who is responsible for the highest quality. Individual responsibility goes along with the propeller from the beginning to the end.

Perfect balance guaranteed.

You don’t have to check up the weight anymore. Our propellers are hand-made and balanced to perfection.

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Example of pricing

Pricing of mold for custom projects depends on the prop size and varies usually between 1200-2500 USD. This price is paid upfront and is fully refunded once 100 props are made from the mold. Price of the propeller is same as of our off-the-shelf offering but can be slightly higher if there is a request for special material, light weight etc. We are also offering significant quantity discounts up to 40% when more than 500 props/year are ordered. 

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